Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thought for the day...

Tonight while perusing the internet I came across a blog that had posted this quote. It is actually from a book about marriage, but I believe the principles can also be applied to all other relationships. The book is Devotions for a Sacred Marriage and was written by Gary Thomas. This particular section really stood out to me, so I thought I would share it.

*I have changed any "marriage" related words to "relationship" related words just to make it more relevant to my situation, as I am most certainly NOT married :)

"Personal worship is an absolute necessity for a strong relationship*. It comes down to this: If I stop receiving from God, I start demanding from others. Instead of appreciating and loving and serving others, I become disappointed in them. Instead of cherishing my friends*, I become aware of their shortcomings. I take out my frustrations with a less-than-perfect life and somehow blame them* for my lack of fulfillment.

But when my heart gets filled by God's love and acceptance, I'm set free to love instead of worrying about being loved. I'm motivated to serve instead of becoming obsessed about whether I'm being served. I'm moved to cherish instead of feeling unappreciated."

I am the queen of this! It is a real struggle for me and I feel like the author really hit the nail on the head! Does this resonate with anyone else??


Maria said...

Great quote!

Mrs. Needham said...

About six months 8 months ago God was really speaking this to me and it was really hard to let go of expecting my spouse to fill all of my God sized voids.