Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Going to See OPRAH!

Hello faithful blog readers, all 3 of you ;) Big news around here, I am going to Chicago to see Oprah at the end of October! My friend Kerry told me about the ticket lottery (she won tickets for September and got to go too). So my mom, Michelle (moms best friend), Brittney (one of my best friends, and Michelle's daughter) and myself all put our names in the ticket lottery. Low and behold, Brittney actually got tickets! The rest of us got polite emails telling us our names had not been selected :) You get 4 tickets, so the 4 of us are headed to Chicago. Our show tapes on October 22. We are headed up on the 21st and plan to come home on the 24th. Mom also is treating us all to a performance of Jersey Boys while we are there. It is supposed to be one of the best shows on Broadway right now, and she got us great seats. I have never been to Chicago, so I am looking forward to doing some shopping and eating at great restaurants. Any must see places we have to go?? Let the countdown begin!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Emily's Goodbye

Emily and Chris moved to Virginia this past weekend to begin their new army life adventure. They will be gone for the next 5 years. After Virginia, they will head to Colorado for a few years. I will definitely be visiting them.
Emily is such a special friend to me. We have known each other for over 2o years, and I love her so much. Needless to say, a lot of tears were shed last weekend when I said goodbye. However, knowing that she is with Chris makes things so much better. I love him so much and know without a doubt that he will take care of her.
Maria, Emily and myself are a trio and we miss her so much already. Maria and I both talked about how a piece of us is missing now. I made this video to celebrate our friendship. I love these ladies so much!

Emily's Goodbye from Jennifer Cochran on Vimeo.

Birthday Celebrations 2009

On August 8th, the crew all headed down to Atomic Cafe for the annual birthday celebration! Maria's birthday is on August 1st, and mine is on August 7th, so we always celebrate together. It has become the tradition to have dinner inside at Atomic and then head outside to the patio for dancing to the live band. This year we had over 30 people show up to celebrate. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing group of friends! Here are some pictures (of course, stolen from Maria. I really need to get a camera that works!)

Brittney, Erica and Brittany enjoying dinner
Maria (bday girl #1) and Emily
The birthday girls outside on the patio
Mark (Maria's husband), Clint (a good friend and coworker of Maria) and yours truly

Cheers to being 24!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This little guy has his Aunt J wrapped around his sweet little finger. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

For more cuteness, check out my sisters blog!

A little inspiration...

A friend posted this video on facebook and I had tears streaming when I was watching it. Talk about putting life into perspective. Our God is so good, ALL the time.
Things are moving right along around here, just still super busy. Drove up to Cinci today for the first UK football game. This is by far my favorite time of year. Fall in Kentucky, it doesn't get any better than that.
Enjoy the video :)

You may have to click on the video, for some reason when I put it on the blog, it doesn't show the whole screen?