Monday, September 7, 2009

Emily's Goodbye

Emily and Chris moved to Virginia this past weekend to begin their new army life adventure. They will be gone for the next 5 years. After Virginia, they will head to Colorado for a few years. I will definitely be visiting them.
Emily is such a special friend to me. We have known each other for over 2o years, and I love her so much. Needless to say, a lot of tears were shed last weekend when I said goodbye. However, knowing that she is with Chris makes things so much better. I love him so much and know without a doubt that he will take care of her.
Maria, Emily and myself are a trio and we miss her so much already. Maria and I both talked about how a piece of us is missing now. I made this video to celebrate our friendship. I love these ladies so much!

Emily's Goodbye from Jennifer Cochran on Vimeo.

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