Monday, November 2, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Fall Decorations

I have been following Kelly Stamps blog since this summer. My friend Kerry recommended it and I LOVE it! Every Friday she has a new "show us your life" post with a different topic. Bloggers are supposed to create a post and share pictures about the weeks particular topic. She started this originally with "show us your house" and people would post pictures of their homes. Each week she has over 200 bloggers that link with their pictures. So fun! This past week was all about fall decorations. Fall is my favorite season and I always put out some decorations so I thought I would share. I realize most of you could care less about my fall decorations ;) So this is mainly for my Aunt and Grandmere who I know would love to see them (shout out to Aunt Cathy and Grandmere!). You can check out Kelly's great blog by clicking HERE.

This is on my front stoop. I found the "It's fall y'all" sign on sale a few years ago and fell in love! I always buy a big pot of mums and stick it right down the middle.

This picture really didn't show the color well, but this is an orange berry garland that I found in a cute little shop in Georgetown last year. I just put it around my chandelier in my kitchen.

Black pumpkin cat. This is my ode to Emily!

Leaf wreath on front door.

Ceramic pumpkin filled with carmel. Lesson learned, I should NOT keep a candy jar in my house. I eat way too many caramels a day! :)

These little pumpkins are made from twigs and have white twinkle lights inside. I think I found them at Target.

We have had some beautiful Kentucky fall weather the past few days. It makes me think of what heaven must be like. So beautiful! Hope your fall is blessed!

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Kerry said...

I'm making so many guest appearances on the blog lately. Let's hope it ends here before you get to your costume party post. Haha. I still read that blog all the time! Addicted!