Sunday, September 26, 2010

Casey County Apple Festival

This weekend Emily and I headed to Casey county Kentucky for the apple festival! I really do not know that I was fully prepared for all the interesting things I was going to see ;) Emily is from Campbellsville which is about 45 minutes away from Casey county, so she is friends with a lot of people that are from there. We went down to stay at her parents house Friday night and got up Saturday morning to head to the festival.

It was HOT during the day on Saturday. Thankfully our friend Ben was helping out at a booth and we were able to sit under a tent anytime we weren't walking around.

Emily and I at the booth.
I took this picture early on in the day and it doesn't do the amount of people justice. It was crazy! I just kept asking where all these people came from. If you look down the street a little in this picture, you can get a better idea of how crowded it was. There were times when we couldn't even get through the crowd. Take a closer look and you can even see some of Casey countys high fashion. ;)
The apple festival is the home to the worlds largest apple pie! I was so excited to see this thing. This big red box is the oven that it bakes in.
And here it is! As you can see, at this point they were already tearing into it and serving it to the crowd. According to the apple festival website, the pie contains 45 bushels of apples, 300 pounds of pastry, 150 pounds of sugar, 15 pounds of butter, 2.5 pounds of cinnamon, 1.5 pounds of salt and 75 pounds of cornstarch. They bake it at 350 degrees for 12 hours...nuts!
Doug "Sparky" and Emily
Emily and I
Me and Adam
The original plan was to stay for a few hours, but we ended up staying until 11pm that night! We were there for 11 hours total! I did have a great time, but it sure did make me appreciate Lexington :-) Lets just say there are some interesting people that live in Casey county Kentucky!

Have a great week!