Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"How does the library work?"

Tonight E and Diva (Britt) came over for dinner. I made chicken and rice casserole, creamed corn, crescent rolls and cookies. It was yummy! Shortly after dinner was over Britt asked E and myself "how the library works." After E and I caught our breath from laughing, we decided a field trip to the library was in order. I'm pretty sure we rocked Britt's world as we explained how the library worked. When it came time to try and find a book she looked confused when no card catalog could be found. I have no clue when the library quit using card catalogs, but I know it has been a good while. All in all it was a very educational trip. Britt and I both walked out with brand spankin' new library cards and she checked out the Nanny Diaries.
My favorite portion of the evening came when I finally got Britt to watch LOST. We got through the first 4 episodes! At the end she was requesting previews to the next episode...I think she is hooked.

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