Sunday, November 11, 2007

Paula Deen and Extreme Home Makeover

Paula Deen was great! She was too funny and we even got to see her cook. After Paula we went and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory...always a good decision.
However, what happened after dinner will probably rank as one of my top 10 best life experiences. There is no way that I can type out the entire story in a clear way so I will just sum it up. Maria had heard that Extreme Home Makeover was filming in Louisville that weekend. She knew that one of the projects they would be doing was to renovate the U of L marching band field (the little boy that they were redoing the house for was in the band). We made our way down to the field mainly to see if we could see the set. It was clear when we arrived that they were done filming there for the day. We got out of the car and talked with Richard, the security guard. He ended up letting us onto the field to take pictures on the giant painted Extreme Home Makeover logo! It was really neat. After that, he gave us directions to the home site and the next thing we knew we were outfitted with a t shirt, hard had, lanyard, vest, light wand and work gloves! They had us helping direct traffic with the security team. We also got the chance to go into the "production crew only" area. We saw all of the designers trailers as well as Ty's personal tent that he makes his secret projects in. We were allowed to take a picture of the tent but our flashes had to be off so no other security would see. I think what made the night so fun was that it was so random and unexpected. We were certainly not dressed for the occasion in our flats and sweaters (we couldn't go into the house because of our shoes), but it was still great! The episode will air in sure to tune in :)
Check out Maria's blog for more pictures!

In the shuttle on the way to the work site

Outside the house

Ty's Secret project tent!

In the VIP tent

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