Sunday, February 10, 2008


Maria posted about this already but I thought it would be appropriate to post about it as well.

Not sure if you remember, but back in November, Maria and myself unexpectedly landed on the set of Extreme Home Makeover in Louisville. The episode that we helped with is airing Sunday February 17th at 8:00. It will be 2 hours long! Last night, over coffee, Ria and I decided to have a little get together to watch the episode. I love any excuse to cook and have people over. So, that night I will be making chili and we will be watching the show. Come on over! The more the merrier. (This means you, Laurette Durick, word on the streets is that you read this blog, so you all will have to come eat with us :) )

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laurette said...

After seeing all the great pictures and hearing the stories, I can't wait to watch!!!