Monday, August 18, 2008

Can You Duet

While I 100% realize that most of my blog readers will have no clue who this is, I felt the need to share.

Tonight, mom and I drove down to Panama City to have dinner at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. We have been in Watercolor for a few days, getting in some relaxation before I start back to school. Anywho, right as we sat down to dinner I looked over to the table next to us and spotted Caitlin Lynn.

Now, the obvious question is..."Who the heck is that?!?." Being a huge geek, I religiously watched CMT's "Can you duet." It is a show similar to American Idol in that people from across the country audition in front of 3 judges (Naomi Judd being one of them) in hopes of landing a record deal. However, this shows objective was to find a duet, versus a solo artist. Caitlin actually auditioned with a friend, but the judges only allowed her to continue on in the competition. They then paired her up with a guy named Will Snyder (who happens to be from London, Ky). The match ended up being a perfect one and they went on to win the show.

I increased my level on the geek scale when I went over and introduced myself and let her know how happy I was that they won the competition. She was so sweet and just a genuinely nice person. She even walked over to meet mom, who was the one who convinced me to go over.

She really does have an incredible voice. I included this video for your viewing pleasure :)


Kerry said...

This story is so you. :)

Tina said...

that's funny. i saw that show, too. in a related subject, three girls from this season of american idol were at the mac counter last week. i was the only one who recognized them.

Jennifer said...

Kerry, my moms comment was "out of all people, you are the only one I know who would have recognized her"
Did you watch the show KTutt??

Tina- I love that you recognized them :)

EJ said...

Wow Jennifer. You ARE a geek. But I am impressed that you would get up to go talk to her! I would have just sat there and stared...oh wait, no I wouldn't have, because I had no idea she existed. :)

Jennifer said...

Ej---clever, very clever :)

Kerry said...

No - this must be the one reality show I've missed.

I've always said I want somebody I know to be on a reality show. I'm thinking you might be my best bet. You are one of those people that kind of stuff happens to.