Friday, February 13, 2009

My Engagement Story

In the spirit of Valentines day Ami was posting a perfect engagement story for some of the people she knows best. After reading the stories that she drummed up for her mom and her sisters, I requested that she write one for me :) Here it is! I cried when I read it, so sweet. She said she would be sure to pass it along to mr. right whenever he comes along ;) 

"I think he should take you to NYC at the begining of October when the air is cool and the sun is still warm. You would trot around the city all day grabbing yummy street food and visiting the cutest shops. He would buy you the “perfect little dress” that you had found and tell you to put in on now so he could take you to dinner. He’d also buy you a cheap little pashmina knockoff in Chinatown to keep your shoulders warm. (He’d act like this was all on a whim, even though he’d curiously been wearing a blazer all day) Then he’d take you to the gates of Central Park and flag down a horse carriage. You’d take it “once around the park” so you could enjoy the end to a perfect fall day with all the trees turning crimson and gold. Then you’d stop The Central Park Boat House for dinner, you’d sit on the dock. After the most yummy desert when the sun is setting over the lake he’d get on one knew (insert speech) he’d give you his grandmothers 1920’s Tiffany engagement ring. Afterwards he’d explain that he’d already asked your Dad permission and your parents, families, and closest friends were waiting in a private room inside for your engagement party."


Mrs. Needham said...

I didn't mean to make you cry!!!
I love you!

Jennifer said...

They were good tears. I know it will all be worth the wait!

Jennifer said...

ps- I love you too!