Friday, December 28, 2007

Complete Christmas Re-cap

I had a wonderful Christmas :) I spent Christmas Eve with my family. We went to church and then had a chili dinner, yumm! My sister is about to pop, only 6 more weeks until Baby Breck is here. I think we are all ready for him to make is debut.
Christmas day was spent with the Bates family for a wonderful diner! We had French onion soup, broccoli salad, twice baked potato's, asparagus and fillet mignon was quite the spread. After that, I headed over to Jon's house to beat up on his mom and aunt in both marbles and rummy.
Then the day finally arrived....the day of the After Christmas Party! As I expected, it was a great success. Santa even made an appearance again this year. He must have been tuckered out from the night before, but still managed to come.
The next morning, E, Ria and myself had a hot date at Fazolis, followed by going to see P.S. I love you. Just fyi, it is not a pick me up movie. I thought it was almost depressing and really didn't care for it. Probably because I don't have a significant other that I can use to relate to it and I didn't really know any part of the plot going into it. On the other hand, my counterparts cried the entire time and loved it. So I say check it out for yourself, you may really like it.
Here are some pics from the party....some of these are mine, but a few came from Rias camera, she has a ton more.

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Maria said...

I just realized that picture of the 3 of us makes us look like the Queens of Neutral. Wow.