Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tonsillectomy Update Day 11

Sorry for the lack of updates. I just haven't really been in the mood to blog. After day 3 things took a turn for the worse. I can honestly say that I have never felt such intense pain in my entire life. I woke up Wednesday night with nausea and threw up some blood, not fun. My doctor was able to prescribe me some anti nausea medicine which helped significantly, I was so thankful. Today is day 11 and I am starting to feel back to normal. I am able to go almost 8 hours in between pain medicine, versus every 4! So that is a victory. It still hurts to swallow (feels like a minor case of strep) and if I talk for more than 5 minutes it starts to swell up a little. But other than that, I really feel like I am almost through with it! If you are considering having this surgery and are over the age of 20, reconsider. Ha! Who knows how I will feel in a few months time, but as of now, I would never do it again. Thank you for your prayers! I so felt them. Now it's just a matter of getting back into the swing of life. Oh, and one positive of the surgery, as of this morning, I had lost 6 pounds, what girl wouldn't like that? ;) 


Emily said...

hear, hear on losing weight when you aren't even trying to. glad things are on the up and up.

Mrs. Needham said...

I've missed you, glad you're doing better and aren't we all "just one stomach virus away from our goal weight".