Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Sloane...

Kristin took this picture today after her bath. Isn't she so sweet?
Tonight we took Breck out to dinner and then headed back to the hospital to visit with Sloane some more. This picture is from the first time Breck actually held his new sister. He did great with her! He even gave her a kiss without us prompting him :)
I didn't take a ton of pictures from tonight's visit, but I did get my camera out to take some video. I figured some of the out of town family would love to actually "see" her. The first part of the video is when Breck was holding her and the second part of the video is when Kristin unwrapped her from her swaddle for the first time. One thing is for sure, we are all smitten over this little girl.

*I still have not been able to figure out why my blog cuts off the right side of youtube videos (it does it no matter what size video I import), it obviously has something to do with the formatting of my blog, but I am not tech savvy enough to figure it out ;) So if you are having trouble seeing the whole thing, just click on it and watch directly on youtube*

We are taking Breck to the Lexington Children's Museum tomorrow, so I am sure I will have lots of cute pictures to share later this week.


E. Hurst said...

Loving the unswaddling!
(Had a mini panic attack when I realized I have one coming...)


Jennifer said...

E- you are going to be amazing when yours gets here :) The unswaddling was so fun! You can hear us giggling when we first laid eyes on those little frog legs. She is so precious! I can't wait to see what Amelia looks like!

miss you. love you.

Mama Smors said...

oh my goodness... just updated myself through your blog!!
a. sloane is so cute and your sister is by far the cutest pregnant person i have ever seen..... like seriously, she looks like she had a basketball in that dress!
b. we were in seaside at the same time! ivy loved the 4th parade. she loved the candy and the 4 million beaded necklaces that she collected. everytime we walked to the beach she was looking for the "prade"
c. you are such a super aunt! i am sure breck really loves that you do special things like take him to the explorium!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the sweet words about Sloane. We are madly in love! And I know, my sister is so adorable pregnant! You seriously could not tell there was a baby in there when she turned around. It was just a basketball for sure :)

I cant believe we were there at the same time! We have a beach house in Watercolor and I am there all the time! Where did you all stay?

Brooke said...

She is a beauty Jen! I know you are very proud :)