Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sloane Annabeall Tatem...

is here!
And this Aunt J happens to think she is just perfect.

Kristin went in this morning at 6am to be induced. When she got to the hospital, she found out that she was already having contractions. We kept in touch with her all morning, and about 12, she gave us the heads up that Sloane should be making her debut sometime before 1:30. I drove on over to the hospital and spent some time with Kristin and Lee before all of the action started. The nurse actually came in right after I got there and said that Kristin was fully dilated and ready to push! I went on to the waiting room and 15 minutes later, Kristin and Lee welcomed Sloane into the world. Kristin only had to push two times and she was here! So thankful for an easy and short labor. Here are some pictures from the day.

Lee and me
Kristin before the action started. She had Sloane probably 20 minutes after this picture was taken. She was so calm!
She is a little peanut! 6lbs 4oz, and has a head full of dark hair!
Mommy and Sloane
This is probably the best face picture I have. I am going to go back to the hospital tonight and hope to get a better one of her after a bath.
Proud daddy and Sloane.
Breck did so great meeting her! He was very gentle and when she started to cry, he immediately searched the room to find her a paci. He is going to be such a great big brother!
A very proud Aunt J and Sloane. I am already so in love.
Kristin is officially a mommy of 2!
The new Tatem family!
I will be back later with more pictures! We are so blessed to have a healthy baby and mommy!


Cameron said...

Congratulations Kristin & Lee!!! I LOVE her name choices!! Breck & Sloane are such great names!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Cameron! We are madly in love with the little peanut!