Friday, July 30, 2010

The Children's Museum

The Monday after Sloane was born, mom and I took Breck to the Explorium (Children's Museum) downtown Lexington. It was Breck's first trip so it was really fun to watch him run from exhibit to exhibit. I think he had a great time, but it was almost a little too much for him to take in. He only had the attention span for about 5 seconds at each place, so needless to say, mom and I were exhausted by the end of our little trip!

One of the first exhibits that he ran to was the cave. You got to put on a hard hat and crawl through it. My mom is a trooper and got right in there with him.
They also had an entire exhibit about the Kentucky river. Breck loved playing in the river boat.
Riding the tractor at the farm exhibit.
I thought for sure that he would want to play in the water tubs for a long time, but I was wrong! He played for about 2 minutes and then was on to the next spot. He went through that museum like a whirling dervish!
Playing on the computer...for about 2 seconds.
This was probably the one spot that he actually stayed in for over 2 minutes! He loved the spaceship, mainly because it had about 3,000 buttons that he could push!
They have an entire room dedicated to bubbles! The bubble room was always my favorite as a child and I just knew Breck would love it. Well, he thought it was great, but only because he could put his entire arm into the bubble solution to "wash" his hands. Ha! Silly boy.
After the museum we took Breck to chickfila for lunch. I managed to snap this cute picture of "Go" and Breck.
We had a great trip to the museum, but I am betting that in a year or so, Breck would be able to appreciate it a lot more. I think he was so overstimulated that he didn't know where to go first. But it was a nice little outing and I am glad we took him!

I'll be back soon with some more pictures of sweet Sloane. She is absolutely perfect! Have a great weekend!

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