Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NYC Recap Day 1

I am safe and sound back in Lexington after a whirlwind weekend in NYC. There is no way to give the trip justice in a blog post, it was so incredible. We really did get to do everything we had planned and all 4 got along so well. It couldn't have gone any better! I started to do one huge blog post about the whole trip but it was too overwhelming, so I decided to break it up by day. Here goes nothing...

Emily and I flew up together on Thursday afternoon. We were flying on buddy passes, which is code for cheap tickets but you have to fly standby. The other 2 girls were flying out of Cinci late Thursday night, but we decided it was best if we left early just in case we couldn't get on a flight.

This was a common sight throughout the weekend, me on my laptop checking flights. Emily took this after we had arrived in Detroit. Thankfully we got on both of our flights without any problems. We arrived into the city around 3:30 Thursday afternoon.
I was so happy to be in NYC and have all of our luggage! This may not seem like a big deal, but when you are flying standby, getting to your destination in a reasonable amount of time WITH luggage is a real victory!
It worked out well that we got into the city a few hours before the other girls because it gave us time to set up for their arrival. One of my good friends lives in NYC and was going to be in Haiti on a mission trip the weekend we were there. He graciously let us stay at his apartment! It is only one bedroom though, so we used a queen sized air mattress in his living room to give us all a space to sleep. So Em and I got the bed set up, sheets on, and even walked to the KMart down the road to get some extra pillows. The other girls arrived at 9:30 and we walked a few blocks to a little italian place called Cucina di Pesce.

Sunny and me at dinner. We were all so sleepy by this point but decided that given the short amount of time we would be in the city, we needed to really get out and enjoy every minute.
Dana, Sunny, me and Emily at dinner. The food was good, but I didn't think it was the best italian I had ever had or anything. The real reason I chose to eat there was someone had told me how great their garden was to sit and eat in. Well, we got there and the garden was closed, bummer! I think the real appeal to the restaurant was the garden, so I was disappointed. I do not think it would be on the top of my list to go eat at again.
After dinner we thought it would be fun to ride the subway up to Times Square. Em was obviously excited to be in Times Square for the first time!
Only in NYC can you get your picture taken with Batman at 1am on a Thursday night.
Em getting rescued!
Sunny, me and Emily in the middle of Times Square.
We were walking around and noticed there were filming some sort of movie/music video. I asked the police officer and found out that it was Justin Timberlake filming!! We were so excited! Emily took this picture and if you look closely you can see him in the back next to the white screen (the microphone is hanging over him). It was really neat to see!
At this point it was almost 2am and we were all exhausted! We headed back to the apartment and crashed.

Next up...day 2!

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