Sunday, August 15, 2010

NYC Recap Day 3

Day 3 we slept in a little later seeing as we were up so late the night before. We managed to get out the door around lunchtime and headed down to Greenwich Village.

When we got to the village they were having a huge street fair! There was a ton of food, clothing and jewelry. It was a lot of fun despite the crazy heat!
We also stopped at grabbed lunch in the village. Emily and Sunny went and ate at a bakery while Dana and I went to get a hotdog at Gray's Papaya. I had always heard about this hotdog place and really wanted to check it out. Unfortunately it really wasn't that great :( Sad, but I was happy to see what all the hype was about

Emily and Sunny at lunch.
After lunch we walked over to Perry Street to see the townhouse used in Sex and the City. This was the exact place they filmed all the exterior shots of Carries apartment, pretty cool!
Me, Emily and Sunny outside the apartment.
Of course any trip to Greenwich village would not be complete without a Magnolia Bakery cupcake!

Me and Emily waiting in line at Magnolia.
After the cupcake we walked back over to the street fair so we could buy some things. I ended up with some new earrings and a new ring for a grand total of $8! Score! Cute and cheap jewelry is my friend.

Sunny and Emily
Me and Emily (and I am wearing my new earrings!)
After the day in the village we walked over to Bobby Flay's restaurant, MESA grill, for an early dinner. It was good, but not great. My pork had really good flavor but was cold when it got to the table. I will say that the goat cheese appetizer was fabulous! Again, this is one of those places that I am glad I went, but wouldn't necessarily feel the need to go to again. I didn't take one single picture from dinner, whoops! I think at this point my little camera needed a break :)

We got back to the apartment after dinner and then it was time for the 80's prom! Fair warning, there are a lot of pictures coming up, so if big crimped hair and hot pink is offensive to you, turn away now!

Dana let Emily do her hair. Em had to stop a few times and bend over because she was laughing so hard that she thought she was going to pee her pants!
Dana and me walking to the prom. I borrowed my dress from one of my high school teachers and it was perfect! Sunny brought a conair hair crimper straight from the 80's, hilarious!
Sunny and Emily
Emily and me
The 80's prom is an interactive show. So the cast is dressed up as either high schoolers or teachers and actually dance and participate with you! This is Emily with the nerd from school. He carried around that rubix cube all night!
Here is the principal and teacher making announcements. These 2 stayed in character the whole time! He wore those binoculars around his neck and would stand on stage looking through them. He would even break up dancing if it got too crazy.

If you grew up in the 80's-early 90's you will recognize this guy! Screech was the special guest at the prom and I was dying laughing. He was the nerd on my all time favorite tv show growing up, Saved by the Bell.
The prom was a blast and I am so glad we did it!

After the prom we were all hungry (notice the trend of eating! Ha, we ate a ton!) so we went back and washed off as much makeup as we could, changed and then went up to Times Square. We ate at Juniors Cheesecake. It was really good and moderately priced. They even brought me a sundae for my birthday treat. This is definitely not fine dining, but if you are in the city and want a good burger with a good dessert, then I would recommend trying it out.

Me and Sunny at Juniors.
Emily and Dana at Juniors
By this point it was almost 2am and I really don't think my feet could have held out any longer, so we went back to the apartment to get a good nights sleep.

Next 4!

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