Friday, August 13, 2010

NYC Recap Day 2

We all got up on Friday morning, took showers and hit the town. Since I was one of the only girls that had ever been to NYC, I turned into the tour guide for the weekend, which I loved! So I mapped out our route for the day and off we went!

Emily and me on the subway.
Sunny and Dana on the subway.
We got off the subway in Soho and spent a little time looking at all of the neat shops. Then we made our way down to the little Italy/China town area. We spotted a cute little restaurant just outside little Italy called the Village Tart and decided it looked like a great place to grab lunch. It was so quaint and perfect. We all got something different, which is always fun if you want to share your plates.

Me and Sunny at lunch.
Emily and Dana at lunch (typical Dana, avoiding the camera).
After lunch we spent some time exploring little Italy/China town and then took the subway all the way downtown to the battery. We had every intention of taking the ferry out to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island but the line was so long that we decided it wasn't worth the long wait. It seriously would have been a few hours out of our day, and we just didn't have the time. So we settled for the view from the shore. You can barely see the statue in this picture, it is poking out of the top of Sunny's head. We were sad that we didn't get to go see it, but all agreed that the view from the shore would have to suffice.
Next up we got back on the subway and started making our way to Times Square. We had to be in line at the TKTS booth (the 50% off ticket booth) by 3:00. We took a little bit of a detour and stopped at Grand Central Station. This is a must see if you are in NYC, it is absolutely beautiful! I am kicking myself that I didn't get better pictures of it. I did however manage to snap a picture of this wall. It was made up entirely of post it notes! You can read more about the wall here.
Dana, me and Sunny in Grand Central.
After Grand Central we started walking over to Times Square. We took a roundabout way to get there in order to walk by Rockefeller Center. We even stopped by some souvenir shops. Sunny and Emily are modeling their finds.
Dana and I stood in line at the ticket booth and let Emily and Sunny explore Times Square, since they had never been to the city. It took about an hour to get through the line, but the wait was worth it as we got 50% off tickets to see Promises, Promises later that evening!

After Times Square we headed uptown a bit to go by Dylan's Candy Bar. Wow, if you love candy, then this is your spot! I didn't get many pictures of the inside, but even the wallpaper has candy on it. It really does look like something out of Willy Wonka. I had a chocolate dipped pretzel from this fountain, yum!
After Dylan's we decided to go over to Tao for an early dinner. We had made reservations for later that evening, but didn't think we would have time to get ready and then make it to the show on time, so we moved up the reservation. Tao was incredible! By far my favorite meal from the trip. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a great dinner in the city.

All the ladies at dinner.
After dinner we went back to the apartment, got ready and then headed to the show!

Sunny and Emily in the taxi en route to the show. We splurged on a taxi because we were running a tad late (not surprising thinking about 4 girls getting ready in one bathroom).
I was always in the front of the taxi because I was the only one with any clue where we were going :)
Sunny, me and Emily outside the show.
Sunny, Dana and me outside the show.
We LOVED the show! It was great for a group of girls. We laughed our tails off! One of my friends that goes to NYC a lot suggested that we go to the stage doors during the bows if we wanted to meet Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth. I thought it sounded like fun so we left during the bows and ended up being one of the first people outside the stage door. I am so glad we left a little early because the minute the show ended the line filled up!

Emily and me waiting for Sean and Kristin!
Kristin Chenoweth! (also, no clue why my text changed color here??)
Sean Hayes! As you can see, we were up close and personal with them! They were both super friendly and signed our playbills.
The view of Times Square from the theater.
After the show we were all a little hungry since we had dinner around 5:30. So we walked over to the Ellen's Stardust Diner on broadway. I would highly recommend doing this! The waiters would walk around singing and the food was great too! This was the perfect after show snack spot.

Me and Sunny at the diner.
After the diner we were ready to hit the town! A friend that used to live in NYC emailed me and told me to check out the Hotel Gansevoort rooftop bar. So we went down to the meatpacking district to see what it was all about.

This was the view from the top, incredible!
Sunny, me and Emily at the rooftop bar.
Sunny and Emily
Dana (classic, eyes closed) and me.
We ended up staying there until almost 4:30am when they closed! I don't think I have ever had that much fun at a bar, and I wasn't even drinking! We danced the whole time and just kept looking out over the city. So so fun! Check it out if you are in NYC and want a fun bar to go to!

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