Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Ladies Night!

I have had such a fun 2 days! Last night I went with Kerry to see the midnight showing of Sex and the City 2. I got hooked on the tv series a few years ago and now love the movies! I thought the 2nd one was good, but I didn't like it quite as much as the first one. Either way, I laughed a lot and am glad I went!
Tonight I met up with the girls at Thursday Night Live. Emily is home for the week and I LOVED seeing her! I miss her so much, and it was an added bonus to see her cute little belly! She is pregnant with a baby girl (Amelia) and this is likely the last time I will see her sweet belly before Amelia arrives in September. So needless to say, I did a lot of belly rubbing tonight :) It is so fun that my friends are starting to have babies! I love it!

Me and Emily
Maria, Emily and baby Amelia (look at that bump!)
We left Thursday Night Live a little early tonight because it looked like a storm was rolling in. We decided to go to Joe Bolognas for dinner. Yum! It is some of the best pizza in Lexington. In addition to their pizza, they have these huge and delicious breadsticks with garlic butter. They only cost $1.97 and they are ridiculously tasty. Maria had not eaten anything since 10:45 that morning, so she immediately ordered a monster breadstick. Of course it would be rude for her to eat alone, so we all ordered one too. They did not disappoint!

Maria and her loaf of bread breadstick.
Ami also joined us for Thursday Night Live and dinner! It was a mini BLC reunion (we missed you Mary and Jineanne!)

Ami and Maria
Me and Emily at Joe B's
After dinner we met up with some of my Williams Sonoma coworkers and saw Sex and the City 2. Yes, I saw it two nights in a row! Ha!

It was such a great girls night out!

Oh, and one more thing...This is a PSA brought to you by Jen:

The garment bag is officially the easiest and fastest way to pack for a vacation. I bought a cute one at the Pomegranate sale a few weeks back (and naturally had a huge hot pink monogram put on it). So tonight when I came home to pack for Watercolor, I literally just went through my closet and grabbed 9 dresses (for 9 days of vacation) and I was pretty much packed! I threw one pair of shorts, a tshirt, bathing suit and pj's into a duffel and I am good to go. I think it took me all of 10 minutes to pack because I didn't have to get everything off the hangers and fold them. Not to mention trying to fit everything into my bags. Ha, just thought I would share. :)

Have a great long weekend! I will try to post Saturday night after I get into Watercolor!

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Kerry said...

What - no huge duffel bags this vacation?? I am disappointed. :)

Emily (and Amelia) looks fabulous!

Little disappointed there's no photo of the mini hot dogs from the movies. Boooo.

Have a good vacation!