Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Savannah Day 1

We made it to Savannah about 7:00 tonight. It took us right around 8 hours to make the trip. I was thrilled when we pulled up to our hotel. It is located in a beautiful part of the historic district and you can see Paula Deen's restaurant from the front of the hotel. So perfect! It is also about a 2 minute walk to river street and a 1 minute walk to the City Market. I am so happy! We reserved it on hotwire and really hit the jackpot. Not only is the location great, but the hotel itself is amazing. It is very modern, but I really like the feel of it. If you are planning a visit to Savannah I would strongly recommend checking out Avia. We are very happy so far!

After we got into our rooms and freshened up, we decided to walk down to river street and grab some dinner.
We ended up at a place called Tubby's Tank House. We were able to sit outside and enjoy a great view of the river and some live music. The food was great and the company wasn't so bad either ;)
Britt, Michelle and Mom waiting outside Tubbys
We took this picture of our toes for Mike (Britt's dad) because he was making fun of us all going to get pedicures before the trip. He was confused because he was certain that Paula Deen wouldn't care what our toes look like, hehe.
After dinner we came back to our hotel and decided to check out the terrace. It has a great firepit and pool. It was so nice! I have a feeling we will find ourselves up there a lot at night.

Mom and me by the firepit.
Goodnight from Savannah.

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Emily said...

there has been a murh-derh in savannah.