Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Night Live & Happy Anniversary

One of my favorite things about summer in Lexington is Thursday Night Live. I found out about it last year and love it! It is a free concert in Cheapside Park every Thursday night from May-October. There are great bands, a ton of food vendors and even a little tent selling wine. What more could you ask for? :) Kristin, Lee and Breck met us down there and we had a great time!

I brought Tallulah with me! She was so funny. I think at first she was scared to death, but by the end of the night I think she had warmed up to the idea of being there.
Me and my sweet Breck. Oh how I love that boy! I cannot wait to spend an entire week with him in Florida. He started saying my name within the past few months. I knew I wanted to be called Aunt J and Breck has mastered the J part of my name. Although I am pretty sure I heard him add the word Aunt in front of the J the other night. I am going to try to get it on video soon.
Breck, Mom, Kristin and baby girl Tatem in her belly :)
Kristin and Lee. Today is there 4 year anniversary! 4 years ago tonight we were all dancing up a storm on the dance floor in Watercolor!
Mom, Kristin and Lee
I took some video of Breck tonight and thought I would share. He is quite the little dancer and his grandaddy is showing him how to keep a beat in the second video. Enjoy!

On another note, I just had to share this. Do you remember in this post about the Savannah trip when I mentioned that a couple got engaged at the dinner? Well, the girl that got engaged came across my blog this week! I love how blogging seems to make the world a little bit smaller :) Anywho, she commented on my last post and we both have a mutual obsession love for Paula Deen. So fun! Check out her blog, it's super cute!

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