Friday, May 14, 2010

"I've got some advil back in the hearse"...Savannah Day 3

We had a great relaxing day here today! Today was our beach day and we spent all afternoon on Tybee Island. We ate lunch on the island at a place called Spanky's. The food was great and this is a picture of the view from our table. You can't beat that!
This was our view all afternoon. It was an absolutely perfect day for the beach, 80 and sunny!
After the beach we headed back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. I read on several websites about how great the Old Pink House restaurant is, so I called last week and was able to get a 7:30 reservation for dinner. We took these next 2 pictures while we were waiting for our table to be ready.

We all decided to get a fun drink with dinner. Mom got a cosmopolitan, Britt got a peach martini, Michelle got an espresso martini and I got a chocolate martini. Yum! We all really enjoyed them.
After dinner we got in an old hearse and took a ghost tour around the historic district. While I didn't really find it particularly spooky, we still had a great time! At one point we were inside the Pirate House learning about all the haunted history and Britt leaned over and asked if any of us had a Tylenol. None of us had one but our tour driver overheard the conversation and promptly said "I've got some advil back in the hearse." Oh my word, we all laughed so hard. It's just one of those phrases you just don't hear everyday!

Britt, Mom and Michelle waiting for the tour to start.
Britt and me on the tour.

This next picture is by far my favorite picture so far from this trip. The way the hearse was setup was a little strange. Michelle, Mom and Britt's seats all faced the front and my seat faced the side. As you can see, my legs were in full view through that window! I didn't even think about at first but I was getting some interesting gestures from guys that would walk past our hearse on the street. Thankfully I always cross my legs :) The funny part was when the driver took this picture and I wasn't really thinking about how my legs would look. We all got the biggest kick (pun intended) out of how they are in full view in the picture.
So that was our day! This post is much shorter than yesterday because we spend most all day sitting on the beach :) Tomorrow is the BIG day and I can hardly wait! I will have a full update up tomorrow night.

Goodnight from Savannah

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Oh that hearse picture is fabulous!