Saturday, May 29, 2010

We have arrived!

As of tonight, the whole family is in Watercolor! We are so happy to be here together celebrating mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary and enjoying a vacation before the new baby comes.

I left Lexington on Friday afternoon and drove to Owensboro to visit my college roomate, Lynsie, and her family. I adore the Wilson/Williams family and it was so fun to visit with them. Robert and Lynsie have a 14 month old little girl named Emmie Kate and she is absolutely precious! Talk about personality! She was so sweet and fun.

Emmie Kate playing in her tunnel.
Look at those cheeks! She has the sweetest little smile.
I am so excited because they are actually headed to the panhandle on vacation next Saturday, so I will get to see them again sometime next weekend. I don't get to see them nearly enough, so twice in a week is a real treat!

I was in Owensboro overnight and got on the road to Watercolor this morning. When I got here I immediately jumped in the shower and headed to Seaside for a concert. One of my favorite artists, Dave Barnes, just happened to be playing a concert in Seaside tonight. I have really been looking forward it it. I look SO tired in these pictures, I think driving a 10 hour trip alone made me delirious by the time I arrived :) But walking in the door and seeing my little buddy made me so happy. He was excited to see me too!

Breck and Aunt J
I have posted about this before, but Breck really LOVES to dance! Mom and dad bought him a glow stick and he was even using it as a drum stick. So stinking cute!
I managed to get some good video of the little dancer. He was loving it!

Kristin, Lee and Breck
Dad and Breck (he is holding the glow stick I was just talking about)
My cute little momma and me.
I LOVE this next picture. I just think it is really sweet. Apparently Breck has really started to love doing puzzles. Kristin bought him a new one tonight in Seaside and he took it over to dad to work with him. Breck sure does love his Grandaddy!
Here is the view of the stage from our seats. He played for about an hour and a half to a filled up amphitheater. We were so thankful that the rain held off. It was such a perfect night!

Ok, I am off to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open! I probably will not post every day like I did on the Savannah trip. But I will try and check in every couple of days. Have a great Memorial day!


Kelsey said...

I had a watermelon dress JUST like that as a kid!!

Jenn W said...

just found your blog from kelly's korner.

sooo jealous you got to see Dave Barnes perform, i absolutely love his music! was he awesome live?

Jennifer said...

Kelsey- it was ADORABLE! I wish I had a picture of the back, it was ruffled with a little bow. So sweet.

Jenn- yes! I have seen him live more times then I can count. We have a lot of mutual friends, so I actually heard about him before he even released his first EP. It was a great concert. You should really try to see him if he comes near your town.

Thanks for reading!