Thursday, May 13, 2010

Savannah Day 2

We had another great day in Savannah! We started off the morning late as we all really wanted to sleep in. We had a reservation at the Lady & Sons today at 12:30 so we decided to walk around downtown before we had lunch. I took this picture from the front door of our hotel. The building on the opposite corner with the red and white stripped awning is the Lady & Sons! I think I mentioned yesterday how close we are to it, but I wanted to take a picture to prove it. :)
We roamed around the Paula Deen store for a bit. They had a huge table full of all her cookbooks and she had signed every one of them.
After we moseyed around the store we still had some time before our reservation, so we walked over to City Market. It is a really neat open air market with lots of restaurants and little shops.
We also walked by the original Lady & Sons, located just down the street from where the restaurant sits now. I posted a short video below that shows a condensed version of Paula Deen's story. It is a great video and also shows video footage of what this building looked like when the Lady & Sons was there. I strongly recommend watching the video if you don't know much about Paula Deen's story. It is a great way to learn about her beginnings.
We went back to the restaurant a little early and to our pleasant surprise, they were able to seat us early. We were seated on the 3rd floor. Here we are with our cheddar garlic biscuits and hoecakes (pan fried cornbread). Yum!
All 4 of us got the southern buffet, which is what the restaurant is known for. It was great!
They all joked that I was the host of the trip because I had researched a ton before we came down. I always like to research the best restaurants and places to see when I go to a new place, so it seemed fitting to take a picture in front of the host sign.
After lunch we went on a mission to find an electric car or scooter to ride around the historic district on. I had read that it was the best way to see downtown, as driving your car can get tricky with parking and such. Sadly, when we pulled up to the scooter rental company, we learned that they were no longer in business. This picture was taken just outside the rental place on Bay street. So pretty!
Britt and me on Bay street.
After we realized that the scooter was going to be a no go, we headed back to City Market and decided to do a guided carriage ride tour. We had about a 30 minute wait before the tour began, so we found a candy store and enjoyed a coke.
Michelle, Britt and Mom waiting for the carriage.
My cute little momma.
And here they are! Their names are Murphy and Shay.
The 4 of us on the carriage ride
Savannah has got to be one of the pretties cities in the county. I took a ton of pictures of the city, but here are 2 of my favorites.

After our carriage ride we headed back to the hotel for a while to play games and enjoy a glass of wine. We played one of my favorite games that Kerry had introduced to me in Florida a few months ago. It is called Pit and involved trading cards with your opponents and ultimately trying to secure 9 of the same card. The result is lots of yelling and laughing. I turned on my camera and filmed a round. So funny.
We also played 3 intense games of SkipBo. I won't tell you who won all 3 games (*cough**cough**me). We walked over to City Market and had dinner at Belfords. We thought the food was good, but were less than enthused about the service. We probably wouldn't go back.
Michelle and Britt waiting to eat outside Belfords.
We had a great day! Tomorrow is our beach day on Tybee Island!
Goodnight from Savannah

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