Friday, June 4, 2010

Beach Days and Low Country Boil!

Hello! I am going to try and start blogging some of my 300+ vacation photos, ha! Since I was so sick from Monday-Thursday, I don't have a ton of pictures from those days, but I did manage to get some good ones before I got sick, and even a few when I wasn't feeling so great.

Sunday was our first full day here and we spent the day at the beach! We have all been telling Breck about going to the beach for months, I am sure he was wondering when we were going to quit talking about it and actually take him!

Before we left the house, Breck was sitting in the front seat of the Jeep making sure things were working correctly ;) He looked so cute sitting up there!

Believe it or not, right when we pulled onto the beachit started to thunder. What a bummer. We can ride bikes to the beach in Watercolor, or drive our jeep onto Grayton beach. We usually end up on Grayton because we can drive all of our stuff right to a spot. We ended up driving back home and waiting out the storm. Thankfully it cleared up and we headed back out later in the afternoon.

Here is Breck when we got to the beach (the first time). He was sitting in the back of the Jeep while we decided if we should stay or go home. He was all suited up in his beach gear and looked too cute!
When we came back in the afternoon the sun was shining and this boy was ready to get in a boat! Last year mom and dad bought 2 kayaks to use in the lake or ocean. Breck is constantly talking about the "boats" so he was thrilled when they took it off the top of the Jeep and let him sit in it. I think he would have been content to sit in it all day! He looked so funny just sitting there.

After we got all of our gear unloaded and set up, Granddady decided to take Breck on a boat ride. The boy was in heaven! And Breck was having fun too ;) haha. Seriously though, my dad was loving it!
After the boat ride Breck played with some of his toys in the sand. This was the first day and he was still a little reluctant to get in the water and really play. Thankfully he got over that after a few days and now loves to play in the water!
Breck and his granddaddy playing in the sand
After the beach, Lee and Dad informed us that THEY wanted to be in charge of cooking dinner. Off to the grocery they went! They came back with a full bag of oysters, shrimp and live crawfish. Looks like we were in for a low country boil!

I love this next picture, it's makes me laugh every time. This is Lee watching a youtube video learning how to shuck an oyster. He watched the video and was able to successfully shuck all the oysters using a screwdriver.
The 2 chefs!
They were going to grill the oysters as part of the appetizer portion of our meal. Mom had bought Paula Deen's brothers cookbook while we were in Savannah and they used his recipie for chargrilled oysters.

Here is dad at the stove making the garlic butter sauce for the oysters.
On the grill...
Ta da! The final result. I was not brave enough to actually try them. I am not a seafood eater, but I think they were pleased with the way they turned out.
Next came the crawfish boil! They had crawfish, andouille sausage, shrimp, corn, potatoes and seasoning in the pot.
Once again, our 2 chefs
And there you have it! They even put it out on newspaper, just like in the movies :) ha! Once again, I was not brave enough to partake. And given how sick I was over the next few days, I am happy I did not decide to try it!
Here are 2 videos I posted on facebook that have me laughing out loud. The first is a video of my dad trying to hold one of the live crawfish. He was going to take it inside and scare mom with it. You can see for yourself what happens when he picks it up...

The second video is when Dad and Lee put the shrimp and crawfish down into the pot.

It was such a fun day! Little did I know that it would be one of my only full days of vacation before the great stomach flu hit :) I'll be back soon with more pictures. Including Breck's first visit to the ice cream truck!

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