Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fathers Day

We had our fathers day celebration dinner on Monday night. It was a perfect night for swimming and just hanging out with one another. We had fried chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, biscuits, and carrot cake! Yum!

Of course Breck was there and cute as ever! He went straight for the diving board and spent the majority of the night swimming. He is truly a water baby!
Kristin, Dut (my grandmother) and baby T
Mom and me
Sweet little Mary Keene (I think that hairbow is bigger than she is, I love it!)
Kristin and me
The cute little Hutchinson family. Bert, Markey and baby Wakefield.
"Mo-ise" (Louise) and Wakefield
Dad and Breck. They spent so much time swimming together. My dad has the best time swimming with him :)
Dad, Mary Keene and Mary Keene's hairbow
Bert, Mom and Kristin watching all the swimmers
Wakefield and his Aunt Missy
"Mo" (Morrie), Wakefield and Bert

It was a fun night celebrating all the fathers in our family!

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