Monday, June 21, 2010

The Diving Board

Last Thursday afternoon the fam got together at the pool to swim with Breck for a while. He has really learned how to use his floaties lately and in turn has gotten pretty brave in the water! One of his new tricks this summer is going off the diving board!

Breck and Aunt J
He started off mastering the smaller diving board.
This particular afternoon Kristin asked if he wanted to go off the larger board and he said yes!

My family gives me a hard time for always having my camera on and filming, but I am so glad that I had it with me this particular day. I got some really cute footage of him jumping off the board. I edited the two videos together, so be sure to watch the whole thing. The first part is him jumping off the small dive and the second part is him going off the larger dive for the first time. As you can see by the video, he was a tad reluctant when he got to the end of that big board. But after he jumped off the first words out of his mouth were "again, again". Haha, he loved it! Enjoy the video!

Also, happy first day of summer!!


Kerry said...

Somebody obviously paid more attention putting Breck's floaties on than either of us did to your highlighting cap! (FRONT!)

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