Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playgrounds and Fountains

One night before dinner we decided to take Breck over to Camp Watercolor to play on the playground and in the fountains. Camp Watercolor is where all of the kids activities are done and is really cute. They have a great playground and some really fun fountains that kids can play in.

He immediately went for the ladder. He got some help from his G-daddy.

Going across the bridge.
Mom & Kristin
Kristin & me
This picture is a little blurry and completely off center, but I couldn't resist sharing it. This is at the end of the slide and my buddy has such a big smile on his face.
After the playground we took him over to the fountains. He had all of his clothes on, but we didn't care. He was happy as a clam running around. At one point he stopped, looked down at himself and said "I'm wet"...ha! Yes, he got a little wet :)
These fountains each shoot water out at different times. He would run to one fountain just as it was turning off, then to another. There were a few times he would be looking down into a fountain right as it shot water out. He thought it was great!

Dad & me

I took this picture as we were walking back to the car. Ha! He obviously couldn't get back in the car in soaking wet clothes, so why not just take them off! Ahhh, to be a toddler :)

I've got a couple more vacation post's coming! Stay tuned.

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